Monday, August 01, 2005

Not that I know sleep or anything

I can't help noticing among the left side of the commentary, the popularity of phrases like "stealth candidate" or "stealth nominee" when speaking of Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts. But I really think the term "sleeper" suits him much more perfectly. And maybe even has nastier connotations, to boot.

On an unrelated note, hot off the wires, Saudi Arabia's King Fahd passed away today. With Prince Abdullah having already been running the show for a while, I'm hardly expecting riots in the streets or anything like that, but it could get interesting, if radicals might decide it's a good time to start acting radically. I don't think they would, but I can't rule out the possibility.

An afterthought: I wonder if the King's deteriorating condition (if he'd been going downhill for a little while) might have had some bearing on the recent recall of Prince Bandar "Bush" as Ambassador to the U.S.? I'll have to look into this.