Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New "feature"

Starting today, I'm going to be doing daily posts when appropriate merely consisting of links to comments I've made on other blogs, and perhaps sometimes even to posts on other blogs where I haven't commented on. The main reason for this is to show a bit more of my thinking than my somewhat sporadic posting here reveals, and incidentally to give myself a handy reference wherein I can find those comments I've left elsewhere but forgotten just where. Secondarily, it's a way to indicate others' posts that I find interesting enough to comment on (although often, that interest is merely that it conjures up a "witty" joke that I just can't pass up, so quality is not assured).

In doing this, I'll be modifying my general rule of never editing a post without noting it (usually with "Update:", "Added:", or "Edit:"). These I'll be adding to over the day (or however long) as I make comments, or find interesting articles. This way, I won't fall into the Eschaton trap of posting a dozen or two one-sentence links to articles in one day. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's just not my style.

I'll start off with a few comments from the recent past, both for their own sake, and as example of the fairly standardized format I'll be using.

  • Pharyngula — me being a smart aleck about PZ's apparent 70s/80s/90s confusion
  • Pharyngula — me being a smart aleck about language evolution
  • Pharyngula — a warning of the dangers of watching Darwin's Deadly Legacy
  • Pharyngula — Finally getting away from the smart–aleckness, I suggest a blog meme I'd like to see start making the rounds; with followups here and here.
  • Jon Swift — a little snark about the fellow who claims that "science is dead."
  • Pandagon — I point out the word Amanda was looking for.
  • Pandagon — I point out the word Brooklyn Girl might have been looking for.
  • Pandagon — Trying to make sense of the new FDA Plan B rules
  • Pandagon — acknowledge the Dickensian qualities of Blackwell's health care proposal for Ohio, and then ask a little about Marx

A little bonus for today (I might make this semi-regular as well), my self-quoting of the day:

At least it isn't unrequited hatred. I hate that, even if it doesn't hate me back.

Added: Another note on my editing existing posts is that most browsers probably won't retrieve the updates when you first visit, until there's a new post. You may have to refresh after loading for newest content (like this very paragraph).

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