Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Confused

From Sadly, No! comments, someone linked to this post at Pharyngula. Total Catholic Meltdown over someone "stealing" the communion wafer.

But I'm puzzled. Why on earth would you want to take one home? There's really nothing special about the taste. What was that guy thinking? "Damn, these are tasty, I'm going through the line again!!" or "Wow, I would like to taste that again!" If he fakes an illness for which he can't leave his house, he could call up his local parish and even have it delivered to his home! Complete with Mass!

Why? It just seems so odd. Granted, the people sending death threats have to chill the fuck the out. But as a Catholic myself (more culturally now than when I was younger), I'm more bemused at the idea than outraged. Why would you want to take with you a plastic-y wheat-tasting wafer?

If you really, really are longing for that taste, I suggest buying these instead. The wafer taste is very similar to the outer coating, and communion wafers completely lack the fun-filled sugar balls in the middle. Now those would be worth taking from Church!