Friday, November 07, 2003


So the 16th solder from that Chinook crash died yesterday (I had originally seen the number go 13, 15, 16, then back down to 15), and now we've got another helicopter down, this time a Black Hawk with "only" six fatalities (or "casualties", if you prefer). It doesn't seem certain yet whether hostile fire was involved, but given that it was near Saddam's home town of Tikrit, that's the way to bet. Aside from that, one or two others have died today (not clear, due to time zone issues, not that I'm apathetic). Wow, they must really be desperate over there. Nice to see we're making a LOT of progress this week!

On the (non-sarcastically) bright side, the National Guardsman charged with cowardice got it knocked down to dereliction of duty. I wonder if we'll ever hear the full story behind that one?

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