Thursday, July 15, 2004

Butler Report by-blow

Among Blair's most egregious errors was to claim that Iraq could launch a WMD attack on "Europe" "within 45 minutes." That was always ridiculous, and it was was [sic] based on a misunderstanding by Blair, a misunderstanding that is inexcusable. His military told him that Iraq could mobilize its WMD on the battlefield in 45 minutes. Blair somehow interpreted that to mean that the Iraqis could mount it on missiles in 45 minutes. Even then the Iraqis could not have hit Europe.

Is that what the 45 minutes BS was all about? A simple failure to communicate & comprehend? What qualifies these people to run nations?!?


Sporkey said...

Uh...they have money? Oh, yeah, and they went to the best schoo...wait, that goes with the fact that they have money. I know! They network with the most important peop...wait, that too goes with the money thing. Hmm...this may be tougher than I thought.

John said...

It's the MBA, isn't it?