Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Can't Be Too Careful With Those Democracies

President Bush, chatting with reporters Monday about Iran's alleged aid to the 9/11 terrorists, said: "I have long expressed my concerns about Iran. After all, it's a totalitarian society where free people are not allowed to, you know, exercise the -- their rights as human beings."
Hmm . . . But here's Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, telling a colleague of ours in February 2003: "The axis of evil was a valid comment, [but ] I would note there's one dramatic difference between Iran and the other two axes of evil, and that would be it's a democracy. [And] you approach a democracy differently."
So it's a totalitarian democracy?


Sporkey said...

Yeah. You go into a big booth and close the curtain behind you. You have a ballot that says "current government" or "other". If you vote for the "other", the person watching the conveniently hidden camera presses a button to open the trapdoor, thereby removing you from the voter list.

John said...

Oh! So it's like e-voting, then!