Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What has this world come to?

And won't somebody think of the children?
They're actually letting people sell sex toys in Texas, and call them sex toys:

A Texas woman charged with violating obscenity laws for selling a sexual toy and explaining to her customer how to use it has had the case against her dismissed, court officials said on Monday.
Joanne Webb, a mother of three and a former schoolteacher in the town of Burleson near Forth Worth, was facing up to a year in jail after she sold a vibrator at a private party to two undercover police officers posing as a married couple.
The case received national attention because it touched off a debate on whether a person should be jailed for selling vibrators to adults.
I think we need a Federal Sex Toy Amendment passed by our Republican friends in the Senate, if you know who I mean, pronto.

Nice footnote, too:

According to reports in local media and residents of Burleson close to the issue who asked not to be identified, a few prominent citizens with strong Christian beliefs were angered by Webb and her activities. They asked police to investigate.
I didn't remember the commandment about "Thou shalt rat out thy neighbour's every naughty doing."

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