Wednesday, October 15, 2003

"ha ha ha"

-A direct quote from Joby Fortson, a moron, oops, I mean "Rpublican", in an email to various "Rpublican" staffers. (As printed at DNC website.)

This is good for a laugh or two...Joby certainly is laughing but for a different reason. The spelling alone made me twitch. (And this guy works for a "Rpublican"? Apparently, you don't even have to know how to spe...oh, wait. Yeah. The Shrub. He can't even SPEAK. I guess the more stupid you are, the better your chances are at being somebody.) And this guy is mean...which is to say, he's about as mean as MiniMe. Too bad all of the "Rpublicans" aren't as small. We could step on them! "ha ha ha ha ha"

But it also is scary. When you combine this with the redistricting, then you get a full portrait of what is going to come. Maybe you and I and a few thousand of our closest friends should go down to Texas and pretend we're "Rpublican"s. Then we convince them to "break away from the Union". Yeah. I like that. I think I have to go start organizing now....

Oh, and while we're at it, we should all pitch in a few cents to buy Joby a dictionary. Maybe then he'll never rise above the job of an office lackey....oops, I mean "staffer". ("ha ha ha")

(The first link is from DNC: Kicking Ass -- and very worth your time -- and the second is from Calpundit.)

He needs to work on his "evil laugh" - it really ought to start out with at least one "mwah". And perhaps a few more alternative spellings of "district" (30) than just "distrcit" (3) and "dsitrict" (1). - John

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