Friday, October 31, 2003

Saddam discovers Fountain of Youth!

This just in:

Ms. Rice appears to have a slightly different take on history. She said it had been clear for 12 years that Mr. Hussein was killing his own people, setting up torture centers and posing a threat to the Middle East.
"Let us be clear," she said. "Saddam was not going to go away of his own accord. For 12 years, he gave every indication that he would never disarm and never comply with the Security Council's just demands. In fact, he mocked those demands and made every effort to circumvent them through a massive program of denial and deception." (Emphasis added)

Apparently, Saddam has discovered the secret of immortality, since otherwise Rice would have been forced to concede that he would indeed eventually "go away of his own accord", wouldn't she?

So what I want to know now is, why is this being kept secret from us? Do they want to keep this immortality for only their wealthy, powerful elite?

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