Friday, October 31, 2003

More Boykin abuse

Remember how annoyed I was at Lt. Gen. Boykin's giving speeches in uniform? Well, no, of course you don't, because apparently absolutely no one reads this. But I digress. I become even more fed up with him after reading this paragraph from today's Washington Post article, "Inspecting the General":

Pentagon spokesman Larry DiRita explained the other day that the inspector general's investigation will ask: "Is there any rule or regulation that needs clarification, is there anything that General Boykin did that may have been inconsistent with that? Those are questions that are relevant." One thing for the inspector general to examine is Gen. Boykin's apparent use of government resources in preparing his talks. Speaking at a church in Daytona, Fla., last January, Gen. Boykin said, "I'm going to drive my aide crazy because he worked until 5 o'clock this afternoon preparing a 30-slide presentation that I was going to give you tonight." Defense department rules say the duties of such aides "shall be concerned with tasks relating to the military and official responsibilities of the officers."

I do NOT want my tax dollars going to help prepare a rather extremist religious presentation. And if he has his aide(s) working on it, are you willing to bet he wasn't spending time on-duty working on them as well?

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